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Text and data mining: 1. Is TDM right for you?

An introduction to text and data mining concepts and an overview of the steps involved in undertaking text and data mining as part of a research project.

Is TDM right for you?

Increasingly, information is being collected and stored digitally in huge volumes. Older archival and print media is also being digitised. If you have a research question that would best be answered by large amounts of data or text, then TDM could be for you. If you are completing a systematic review, see the Systematic Reviews page for information more specific to this process.

Text and data mining is an iterative process of inquiry and discovery; your question or perspective may change, and so might your methods.  

There are some different places you might be starting from:

  • An interest in a particular area
  • A particular research question you want to answer 
  • A particular set of data that you want to investigate further
  • Researching into text or data mining methodologies

Example projects that have used TDM methods

Library support

Support services

The Library provides a number of services to help you get started with text and data mining. The Library also provides support and information for systematic reviews.


Want to talk to someone about how to start your own text mining project? Chat to your Academic Liaison Librarian or email us for help!