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Children's and Young Adult Literature (Education): Shakespeare in the Classroom

Locating resources in the Library

The Fisher Curriculum collection (on Level 5 of Fisher Library) holds many resources for teaching Shakespeare in the classroom. The collection includes works by Shakespeare published specifically for school curriculums or for engaging students with Shakespeare's plays. Both the Fisher and the Curriculum collection will also include many books that critically evaluate and discuss Shakespeare's work.

You can browse or search the Curriculum collection using the following subjects.....

Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 -- Study and teaching

Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 -- Study and teaching (Secondary)

or search in the Fisher or Curriculum collections for illustrated, comic or graphic book editions of Shakespear's plays

See below, a range of Library databases for researching Shakespeare

Web resources

Featured books

Featured Resources

Listen to Germaine Greer's talk called Shakespeare the Radical, this talk was given at the Sydney Opera House in 2016. Then listen to Melvyn Bragg's BBC radio program Shakespeare's Work where he and his guests discuss the work of William Shakespeare.

Featured Resource from ABC Education

Merchant of Venice

New Resource!

Shakespeare in Film and Television

The Library holds many versions of Shakespeare's plays on DVD in both the Fisher and Curriculum collections. An advanced search in the Library catalogue allows you to limit your search films and television productions of Shakespeare's plays as well as documentaries and films about Shakespeare or with material with Shakespearian themes.

Use the following links to browse our collections.