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Legal abbreviations: Law reports - UK

Law reports A-Z

Authorised law reports

According to rule 23.1.2 within the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC), "the Law Reports, published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales, should be cited where available."

Common abbreviations within the Law Reports series include AC, App Cas, Ch, Ch D, QB, KB, and QBD.

Nominate Reports - English Reports (ER)

Nominate reports were published for hundreds of years before the ICLR was established in 1865.  

Reports were published under the names of individual court reporters e.g. Acton, Coke, Moore etc. Most nominate reports were later reprinted in the Revised Reports (RR) and English Reports (ER).

Rule 23.1.3 of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) sets out how to cite judgments published in nominate reports.  


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