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International Business: Find journal articles

Journal articles

Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Publishes research on management and organisational research in the Asia Pacific region.

International Journal of Human Resource Management

This journal is "concerned with the expanding role of strategic human resource management in a fast-changing global environment."

Journal of International Management

This journal provides access to research on the management of global enterprises, global management theory and practice, international management, and strategy issues.

Management and Organization Review

Published on behalf of the International Association for Chinese Management Research by Cambridge University Press.

Management International Review

This journal has a focus on international business, cross-cultural management, and comparative management.

Asia Pacific Business Review

This journal explores the key issues associated with "the growth of the Asia Pacific region and the rising presence of its multinationals in world markets.

Journal of Asia Pacific Business

This journal has a focus on business management and marketing strategy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Journal of East-West Business

This journal examines the "emerging aspects of business studies, strategies, development, and practice" as they relate to the Russian Federation, Eastern/Central European countries, and Baltic states.

Critical Perspectives on International Business

This journal covers "issues of globalisation, international business strategies, corporate social responsibility as well as power relations both within multinational firms and between multinational firms and civil society actors."

International Business Review

Formerly known as Scandinavian International Business Review.

International Trade Journal

This journal covers international trade policy, multilateral trade regimes, open economy macroeconomics, foreign direct investment, transnational corporations, as well as international financial markets and institutions.

Journal of International Business Studies

The official publication of the Academy of International Business (AIB).

Journal of World Business

A leading journal in the field of international business. Previously known as the Columbia Journal of World Business.

Research in International Business and Finance

This journal explores current and new issues in international finance..

Global Strategy Journal

An official journal of the Strategic Management Society..

Multinational Business Review

his journal publishes research on the "strategy, organisation and performance of multinational enterprise (MNE), international business history, geography of international business, and the impact of international business on economic growth and development.".

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade

This journal "publishes research papers on financial and economic aspects of emerging economies."

Emerging Markets Review

This journal has a focus on emerging markets finance.

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

An official journal of the Strategic Management Society.

Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice

Official journal of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

International Marketing Review

Access articles on international marketing strategy; international market entry; export marketing and supply chain issues; international retailing; and cultural considerations in international marketing.

Journal of International Marketing

This journal is published by the American Marketing Association and is "dedicated to advancing international marketing practice, research, and theory."

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