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Education & Curriculum Studies: Finding Books and Encyclopedias

Researching in the discipline of education

Education research is often complex. You are required to understand and access a range of different sources. These include books, academic journal articles (published research), syllabus documents, curriculum resources, research reports from educational organisations and government departments aswell as statistical data & social statistics.

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Dictionaries and encyclopedias

Orient yourself to the literature by using specialist dictionaries and encyclopedias for education:


A dictionary of education (Oxford) - online access

Macquarie dictionary - online access

Oxford English dictionary - online access  to the 20 Volume work

Oxford reference online premium a range of specialist Oxford dictionaries (bilingual, subject specific,quotations) 


Oxford research encyclopedia education -online access

International encyclopedia of education (Elsevier) - online access

International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences  - online access

Locating Books

Books and other resources on your topic can be located by searching your key words or phrases in Library search, select the Material type (e.g. Books) to focus your search. Look at the subject field of the library record for links to more books on the topic. If the title you want is unavailable or at an off-campus location click on 'Request options'.

Find more books on your topic from Libraries around Australia and the internationally by searching Libraries Australia and request items not held in our collections via our Resource Sharing service.

eBook collections

Login to Advanced Search using your Uni-key and password to access our full range of eBooks, search for the book by title or keyword/s select Material Type BOOKS  

The Library's eBooks come in a variety of formats, some display chapters that can be viewed in HTML format or PDF files that can be saved to your computer; or download the whole book.

Our eBooks are accessible 24/7 from anywhere for staff and currently enrolled students. For more information about eBooks including troubleshooting, see the Library's eBook Help Guide.

Selected eBook collections freely available on the web are listed below:

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