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Reading List (Leganto): Organise your list

The ELLIPSIS (3 dots) ... is the key to editing and general functionality in Leganto.

You can find the ellipsis at the:

  • Item level
  • Section level
  • List level

It's always in the top right hand corner of the item, section or whole list. The ellipsis menu will always take you to further functionality and allows you to edit, delete, move, copy and send the item/section/ list to the library. 

Each ellipsis menu has slightly different options, but it's the place to go if you want to action something.

To create a new section click on the New Section button 
Fill out the relevant fields, then click Create


To move an individual citation use the blue panel to the right of the citation and click and drag it to the desired location.

NOTE: this is also covered at the end of the below video

To move a section, first close all the sections by using the toggle icon, then move the section by clicking and dragging the blue panel to the right as above.


To remove an Item from display, or make it available for specific dates, use the Ellipsis menu then choose Edit Item
Scroll down to click on 'More item details'

Then choose the relevant dates required and SAVE. This will display your item only for those specified dates.

To do this at the Section level, use the section level ellipsis to edit the section, then fill out the relevant dates


To add others to collaborate on your list click on Collaborators under the Make this list better option in the right hand column of your Leganto page under the percentage ring.

Choose Manage Collaborators, search for who you'd like to add, then invite them.

If you can't find the staff you want to invite, please contact  and library staff can add them for you.


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