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Reading List (Leganto): Help


Reading List Status Definitions

Confused about the status of your list? Login to your Reading List> More Info> and check the status info:


  • Sent (on an individual citation) - the item has been sent to the library for review but is yet to be actioned. Items with a Sent status are not visible to students
  • Being Prepared – The initial status when a list is created. The library is not processing the list at this stage.
  • Ready for Processing – The instructor sent the reading list, or any citation on the list, to the library for processing.
  • Being Processed – The library has started working on the citations in the reading list.
  • Complete – The library has finished processing the reading list and it is ready. Materials for complete citations are visible to students if the list is also published.
  • Rolled Over – A reading list rolled over by an instructor or by the library
  • Inactive – The reading list is no longer relevant.
  • Declined – The library was unable to fulfill the reading list.

Report a broken link

In Leganto open the citation by clicking on the title, to see the full record.

For the link that is not working, click on the ellipses […] menu to the right and select “Mark link as broken”. This sends a notification to library staff for action.