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Lean Library: Information Page

What is Lean Library?

Lean Library is a browser extension for Google ChromeGoogle Chrome,  Firefox, Safari Safari and OperaOpera that makes it easier to access electronic resource content subscribed by The University of Sydney Library.

You can use the extensions to read electronic journal articles, e-books, reviews and other online material provided by the Library without having to visit the Library website first.

Currently Lean Library is only available on desktop, laptops and PC's, not available on mobile devices.

How Lean Library works?

When the user accesses a website that contains journals, Ebooks and databases which The University of Sydney Library subscribes to. The Lean Library symbol on the top right hand corner of the browser will turn green and a pop-up notification will appear on your browser.


The notification will direct the user to the University Login page by clicking on 'Get Access' where you will need to use the University UniKey and password to login. This only needs to be done once on each browser session.

What happens if an article is not subscribed by the University


Based on availability of Open Access-based resources, Lean Library will inform the user the article is available as Open Access.

Lean Library Assist feature

Lean Library will recognize resources that require alternative access for University clients. Lean Library icon will turn orange and a pop-up notification will appear on your browser.

The notification will provide alternative links to access the resource, to guide the user to the correct access point.


Installing Lean Library is really easy and simple. It varies a little bit per browser but on average it takes less than 1 minute to install an extension.

Step 1: Visit Lean Library download page

Step 2: Lean Library will automatically identify your browser type. 

                   Click on the download link to start installation process.


          Click on the download link to start installation process


Step 3: After clicking the download button, a pop-up on your browser will prompt you to add the Lean Library extension. Depending on your browser type pop-ups may appear differently. (e.g. Google Chrome Browser,  click on ADD To Chrome)



       (e.g. Firefox browser, click on Allow then click on Add)




Which browsers are supported

  • Google Chrome          Google Chrome
  • Firefox                         
  • Safari                         Safari
  • Opera                          Opera

Note: Extension for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer    browsers are coming soon!

For enquiries and assistance please contact