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International Students guide: Work on your assignments

Step 1. Planning your work


Use the Assignment Calculator to help you break down your assignment writing into a series of steps with due dates. 

Step 2. Finding information

It can be hard to know how and where to start looking for  information for your assignment. Our online training shows you  how to find,evaluate and reference scholarly resources.

Tips for identifying the main ideas in a text - Discover how to read  through all the research you have collected efficiently.

Step 3. Writing it up

Essays and reports are the most common types of texts you will be expected to write at university. Depending on what course you are studying you may be expected to write other specific types of texts.

Check the link for information on how to structure essays and reports, along with how to write reports in the Science and Engineering subject area.

Tips for communicating your points - Academic Phrasebank

Step 4. Referencing

Referencing is an essential part of academic writing. Its purpose is to

  • Give credit to the original source you've used and acknowledge the author's work
  • Assist the reader of your work to locate the source you have used in your assignment
  • Show all the research you have done
  • Avoid plagiarism

The style of referencing you will use in your assignments will depend on what subjects or course you are studying.

Go to the referencing guide to find out more on different referencing styles used at the University of Sydney. 

Take the short quiz to check when you should reference.

online consultation support

Need research support for your assignment? 

Make an appointment with your librarian. 

Academic writing workshops

Learning Centre offers workshops to help with academic writing. 

There is no editing or proofreading service at the University. However, you can develop techniques to edit and proofread your own work. The Learning Centre offers individual consultations where you discuss ways to improve your writing.