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Welcome to students who are overseas

Welcome to students who are in Sydney

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What are 'research skills' for university? (in English and Mandarin)

In this video, we introduce you to some of the core concepts you need to understand to do research for your uni assignments. The video is in a combination of English and Mandarin 在本视频中,我们将向你介绍在查找作业信息时你需要了解的主要概念。该视频是中英结合,双语视频

Learn skills online

Wondering how to find information for your assignments? Not sure how to reference your work?

Then enrol in the Library’s online LIBR1000* course to learn:​

  • how to use Library Search to find relevant information
  • the importance of evaluating your search results, and​
  • how to reference and cite your sources correctly. ​​

*LIBR1000 has been developed for Arts and Social Sciences students however, it will benefit all First Years students and especially those with Information & Digital literacy course requirements.