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Research Impact: Engage with the media

Get strategies to increase the reach of your work and measure your research impact

Traditional media or social media?

Traditional media, such as print, radio, television, or online publications, can communicate your research to a broad audience and promote public discussion and awareness. However, you have limited control over the message conveyed by journalists. You can actively pursue opportunities to be featured in traditional media by promoting yourself as an expert, pitching opinion pieces to publications, or issuing media releases through the University’s Marketing and Communications team.

Social media allows you more control over the message you communicate, and also allows you to target your message more directly at specific audiences. The number of people you can reach will depend on your ability to build a following and create attention-grabbing, shareable content. See our tips on using social media.

Social and traditional media also work very well in tandem to increase engagement. Social media allows you to directly take part in conversations around news stories. This can bring your expertise to the attention of journalists for future media engagement opportunities and allow you to clarify or expand on any of your comments that have been reported in the media.

Develop your University of Sydney Academic Profile

  • Ensure that your profile clearly communicates your areas of expertise and interest
  • Make sure you have elected to be included in the ‘Find an expert’ database which is targeted at journalists
  • Ensure that you have carefully selected media keywords that reflect how journalists are likely to search for your areas of expertise. View tips from journalists on working with the media and how to talk about your research
  • Where possible, include details of your experience with the media, such as links to articles or interviews


University media training and support

The University of Sydney Marketing and Communications team offers a range of support with media and marketing engagement, including media and social media training and promotion of awards, events, grants and research through University social media channels.


Write for The Conversation

The Conversation is one of Australia’s largest independent news and commentary sites. It sources articles from the academic and research community and makes these articles available for republication by other media outlets, in Australia and around the world.

The Conversation also promotes its authors to the broader media through a “research and expert database”. 66 percent of authors in this database are contacted by the media (The Conversation, 2019).

Keep an eye out for training sessions in writing for The Conversation, regularly advertised by the Marketing and Communications team.


Engage through social media or blogs

Promote your research communication skills and engage in conversation around news stories on popular social media platforms, write your own blog reporting on your research and relating it to current events, or contribute to an established blog.


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