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Research Impact: Identify potential partners from industry, government and beyond

Get strategies to increase the reach of your work and measure your research impact

There are a lot of organisations that can benefit from research-based solutions to challenges they face. Finding these opportunities to work with partners from industry, government and beyond is a good way to raise your profile, and also to take your research in interesting directions.

The Library has a range of databases that can be used to investigate markets, industries, and organisations. See the Company, industry and country information guide to find out how to research:

Download a detailed guide to using these resources to research potential community partners or potential industry partners.


If you’re not sure what kinds of companies or organisations you should be looking into, take the following approach:


Step 1

Identify challenges being faced by industries, sectors, and groups that your research could help to overcome using industry reports, market research reports, and news. This can also be done by attending industry events.

Step 2

Build a list of organisations for whom these challenges, and your potential solutions, are relevant using tools like the IBISWorld Company Wizard (top 2,000 companies in Australia), the advanced search page in Company360 (top 50,000 companies), DatAnalysis (ASX-listed companies), or Business Source Ultimate (global companies). For public sector and not-for-profit organisations, have a look at the tools listed under 'Find organisations in a sector'.

Reach out to friends and colleagues to see if they know anyone in these organisations who they could put you in touch with. Your Head of School or discipline may have leads as well.

Step 3

Find out more about these organisations to create a shortlist that you think you could work with using company profiles and reports.

Step 4

As something emerges from these conversations, get in touch with your Faculty Business Development Manager, or a member of the CDIP team, to discuss what you have identified and get advice about how to go about approaching organisations. They can help you access internal University of Sydney funding (i.e. the IEF fund, CDIP funds) or apply for ARC Linkage Grants.

Looking into government organisations?

Limit a Google search to government websites by adding the suffix '' to your keywords

Limit a search to pages from the website of the Australian Parliament by adding the suffix ''


Read more

Keast, R., & Charles, M. (2016, February 16). Ten rules for successful research collaboration. The Conversation.

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