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Research Impact: Identify funding opportunities

Get strategies to increase the reach of your work and measure your research impact

Contact the Research Portfolio for advice on identifying and applying for funding opportunities. Advice can include sources of government funding, such as ARC and NHMRC grants, and other opportunities.

Use the Research Professional database to browse, search, or set alerts for funding opportunities. View online help and training or contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for further assistance.

Alternative options to consider


Crowdfunding can be adopted by academic researchers to gain supplementary funding, to promote research or to support start-up projects. There are a range of crowdfunding platforms available including:

  • The University of Sydney integrated crowdfunding platform. Currently this is the only crowdfunding platform approved to allow donors to receive tax deductible receipts from the University of Sydney.
  • Experiment, a research-specific platform for funding scientific discoveries across a range of disciplines from mathematics to art and design. View an example of a successful campaign by a University of Sydney researcher.
  • Pozible, a broad platform open to all. View an example of a successful campaign.


How much work does it require?

Crowdfunding can require a significant investment of time and effort and not every project is right for crowdfunding. Consider:

  • Does the project have a specific, measurable target that is interesting to a broad audience and has a sense of urgency?
  • Can the project be explained clearly and succinctly to a general audience?
  • Are you able to commit to activities such as drafting copy, creating videos, writing updates and thanking donors?
  • How much money are you seeking to raise? For some platforms, such as Experiment, funds are only paid if the set target is reached.
  • Are there existing networks that you can exploit to promote the campaign, such as a large social media following? Promotion is key to a successful campaign.

(Source: Sydney Development Fund)


Read more

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