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Research Impact: Identify potential academic collaborators

Get strategies to increase the reach of your work and measure your research impact

Research suggests that collaboration leads to increased impact (Hsu & Huang, 2011). Finding people to write with is a great way to boost your profile – and your collaborators!


SciVal (Scopus citation data)

SciVal is a research performance assessment tool that allows analysis of the data from Scopus. As well as using it to assess your research performance you can review co-author networks and identify potential collaborative partnerships. 

Instructions: Online manual 
                    Training videos

Quick Bite demonstration: 7:26 


InCites (Web of Science citation data)

InCites is another research performance assessment tool, but data comes from Web of Science. Use it to measure the impact of existing collaborations and identify new collaboration opportunities.

Training videos

Quick Bite demonstration: 17:24



Additional strategies:

  • Find University of Sydney researchers using the “Find a Researcher” service
  • Use Journal Finder to discover potential University of Sydney multidisciplinary collaborators publishing in your field
  • Follow and contact researchers on social media
  • Make yourself discoverable by developing and promoting your academic profile
  • Attend networking events and conferences at the University of Sydney and elsewhere
  • Find researcher profiles on academic networking sites:


Service Users Key features
Google Scholar


View researcher profiles including past collaborations


Over 12 million members

Highest number in science and technology

View researcher profiles including uploaded publications

Participate in group discussions

Q&A section

High proportion of users in the arts, humanities, and social sciences

Over 50 million users

View researcher profiles including uploaded publications

Follow researchers and topics

Suggestions of who to follow

Post draft papers and request feedback


Over 6 million members

Search the people directory and follow those of interest

Join or create groups

Join in public discussions

Share papers

Create invitation-only groups for collaborative work

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Mainly social sciences and humanities

Follow and contribute to specialised research networks

View contact information for authors


Read more

Hsu, J. & Huang, D. (2011). Correlation between impact and collaboration. Scientometrics, 86(2), 317-24.

Khoo, T. (2012, April 10). Life, death and collaboration: how to find research friends.