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Unit of Study Readings (eReserve): Organise your reading list

Reading list statuses and functions

The library will load reading lists that you send them and each will appear on the Blackboard or Canvas site for your course.

Each reading on the list will be given a status. 

You can click on the  button at the top right of a list to determine what each reading status means (or hover over a coloured status button):

Viewing a reading

To view a reading click the globe icon to the right of the screen:  

Removing a reading from your list

To delete a reading, use the trash icon to the right of screen: 

To quickly hide a reading from student view without deleting, click the eye closed icon ‚Äč

Group readings by week, theme or format

You can group your readings under a heading of your choice.

  • Click on the New group button
  • Name your group anything you like (for example: Week 1; Essay 2; Chomsky readings etc) and click the Create button  

  • Your new group will appear underneath the Ungrouped readings folder
  • Use the expand or collapse icons to open or close all group folders, thus displaying or hiding all readings at once

  • To add readings to a group,  drag them individually using the four way arrow icon to the right of the screen  and drop them on the name of the group you want them to sit under. Alternatively, tick the check box next to several readings and drag them to the desired folder OR select the desired group from the 'Move to' drop down list at the top of the screen


Please note: If you place a reading in a group it will not appear in any other group. You can manually move it from group to group, or leave it in the Ungrouped folder, with a note to students about its relevance. If you delete a group, all the readings go back to the Ungrouped readings folder.