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Unit of Study Readings (eReserve): Add items to your reading list

Add Readings

To add readings to your list you have the following options:

Find an Existing Reading

Preferred Method

find an existing reading

Add a reading from Library Search or one that has been previously loaded onto eReserve.

Ensure you indicate whether the reading is required or not.

It is optional to leave notes for the Library or for students.

Add a reading that is not in Library Search or the eReserve system, or is material that requires scanning or attachment

Find an existing reading method. The Library will find and link to this material for you. You may submit your request to us in one of the following ways:

  1. via the Library Assisted Process using our online form
  2. via the FastTrack process - (i.e. see instructions below for using other forms in the Add menu) 

Use the Add button and choose a form appropriate for the material format

other add a reading options

Fields with red asterisks are required fields. Publishers are only required for readings with files (book chapters or articles that need to be uploaded to the system by library staff) or for Musical Scores.

If you require the Library to find a scan or copy: Under the Kind field, please use the LOCATE option and library staff will obtain a copy under Section 113P of the Copyright Act.

If you have a legitimate copy (i.e. a copy made with the permission of the copyright owner) please attach the file using the FILE option. Once uploaded, the status of the item will be pending. Once approved by Library staff, the item status will be available and accessible online.

*Please note, if you wish the Library to purchase new material for your Unit of Study readings, use the online form to request items to be ordered.

Request formats other than books, articles, av material and websites

If you wish to request material in formats other than books, journal articles, av material and websites you may request via the online form or use the Add button and fill in the form details.

The following list will assist you to use the correct form for formats other than books, journals, av material and websites:

  1. To request a Music Score, use the New book reading form, select Musical Score from the Genre drop down menu and click on Locate in the Kind menu. You must include the publisher information, in addition to title and author information.
  2. To request a Legal Case, Legislation, News or Magazine article, use the New journal reading form, from the Genre drop down menu select Legal Case or one of the other material formats and click on Locate in the Kind menu. For Legal Cases, please supply the Reading title (i.e. Smith vs Jones), the Journal Title (e.g. Federal Law Reports), the Volume, Year published, Short title (e.g FLR) and the pagination (this will be a single page number which designates the starting page). For media neutral citations, leave out the volume number but add the case number as the pagination. The Court name goes into the Journal field.
  3. To request a Business Case Study (Emerald Emerging Markets), use the New journal reading from the Genre drop down menu select Journal Article and click on Locate in the Kind menu.

    Please note that the Library cannot include business cases from Harvard Business School (HBS) in the Unit of Study readings repository, due to the very short expiry timeframe that HBS allows for the presentation of this material. HBS does not allow academic libraries to purchase teaching cases.

As noted elsewhere: if you wish the library to purchase new material for your Unit of Study readings, fill out the online form