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Unit of Study Readings (eReserve): Manage your reading list

Export readings

Unit of Study readings content can be exported in 2 file types and used to create bibliographies and reference lists, which work with applications such as Notepad, Word, etc. This is a great way to get students started with citation management!

  • Export to plain text – text bibliography/reference list
  • Export to RIS – to import into a citation manager such as EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley Desktop

If you need assistance with this process, contact

Edit readings

Readings can be edited if you see this pencil icon    


  • You can choose a new file or link.  If you choose to upload a new file, this will be submitted to the library again for copyright clearance.

  • You can change the reading to or from a required reading

  • You can add or edit notes for students. Click on the Edit button and in the 'Notes for students' box, type your message.


Only the Library can change

  • The dates of availability

  • Assigning multiple units to the same reading

  • Updating the details of  the reading


This is due to copyright reporting requirements.



To change the above mentioned, please send your request to and they will update the reading for you.

Change your citation style

Changing your citation style is a simple 2 step process:

Click on Unit settings    


Then select the the drop down Citation Style menu to choose the style you want 



When you change a citation style all the entries in your list will update automatically to reflect that style.

If your citation style is not in the drop down list, please email to have it included. 


You can keep track of how many times readings have been viewed. The number next to this    icon provides you with the total amount of views. In this example, the icon shows the reading was viewed three times