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Health Law: Case law

This guide has been designed to provide an overview of resources available to study and research in Health Law.


Medical Tribunal cases

United States Case Law Resources

Legal Abbreviations

Don't know what that legal abbreviation means? Try these sites:

Case Citators

Case citators are tools for discovering the judicial history of a case. Use them to find subsequent cases that cited the decision as a precedent since it was first handed down. Look out too for the 'flags' that indicate the case's precedent value.

Also use case citators to find basic data on cases, such as the jurisdiction, name/s of judge/s, date decision was handed down, full names of parties, and all the law reports where the case was published (parallel citations). The case citators, FirstPoint, and CaseBase, usually have a case digest too, which is a short analysis of the main points of law addressed.

Search for cases with these tools by the citation, case name or subject keywords.

Australian Case Law Resources by Jurisdiction and Court

Other Australian Case Law Resources by Jurisdiction and Court

United Kingdom Case Law Resources