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Referencing and Citation Styles: Crop & Pasture Science

References in the body of your essay

Crop & Pasture Science journal uses the author-date system.

 One author:

  • ...can originate from both current assimilation in photosynthetic organs and from water-soluble carbohydrate (WSC) reserves in stems and leaf sheaths (Schnyder 1993).

Two or more authors:

  • ...after several extractions of soluble carbohydrates with water and 70–80% ethanol (Yemm and Willis 1954; Ruuska et al. 2006), which is very labour intensive.

Page numbers: (use when citing from a book, large piece of work or referring to specific data)

  • …continuation region are separated by an unambiguous critical value P* or V* (Dixit and Pindyck 1994, p. 129).

Alternative method: (using the author in the paragraph)

  • ...following the method of Raskin (1983) and the equations modified by Thomson et al. (1990).

Second-hand citations: (when you are unable to find the original paper to verify the details. You should only place the citing paper in your bibliography)

  • Clarke's 1992 study (cited in Brown 1995, p. 10) demonstrates that...

Additional Notes:

When there are two authors for a single reference separate them with an 'and'. When there are three or more include the first author followed by et al.

When there is more than one paper being cited separate them with a semi-colon (;) and place them in chronological order.

Reference List

Crop & Pasture Science follows the CSIRO referencing style. References should be listed in alphabetical order by author and then chronologically by date of publication.

Journal article:

  • Woelkerling WJ, Irvine LM, Harvey AS (1993) Growth-forms in non-geniculate coralline red algae (Corallinales, Rhodophyta). Australian Systematic Botany 6, 277-293.


  • Simmonds DH (1989) ´Wheat and wheat quality in Australia.´ (CSIRO Publishing: Melbourne).

Book Chapter:

  • Mineral characterisation of tropical forage legumes. In ´Mineral nutrition of legumes in tropical and subtropical soils´. (Eds CS Andrew, EJ Kamprath) pp. 93-111. (CSIRO Publishing: Melbourne).

Web Page:

  • Downer A, Campbell I (2005) Joint statement on Asia-Pacific Partnership on clean development and climate. Available from URL: [accessed 5 Jun 2007].

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