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Children's and Young Adult Literature (Education): Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's and YA Literature

Featured books from the Curriculum collection

Playground : listening to stories from country and from inside the heart  compiled by Nadia Wheatley; illustrated and designed by Ken Searle ; indigenous consultant, Jackie Huggins.

Yirruwa Yirrilikenuma-langwa : when we go walkabout story by Rhoda Lalara ; pictures by Alfred Lalara. Set on Groote Eylandt, this beautiful book invites children to look for animals in different habitats throughout the course of one day. Yirruwa yirrilikenuma-langwa, amiyembena yirrirringka yirruwa? When we go walkabout, what do we see? There is also a Soundcloud recording of the reading of this book in language.

More titles to borrow from the Curriculum collection

Aboriginal Legends

Non Fiction Magabala Books titles (Western Australian themes)

International Indigenous YA Fiction

Finding books using the University Library Catalogue

To find books on a topic, a good start by doing a KEYWORD search on the library catalogue. Look for a title that is relevant, then scroll down to see the Subject Headings which you can click on to find more titles.

 The following are relevant subject headings

Aboriginal Australians

Torres Strait Islanders

Children, Aboriginal Australian  Juvenile fiction. 

Aboriginal Australians History

Aboriginal Australians  Juvenile fiction

Aboriginal Australians Fiction

 Aboriginal Australians -- Legends

Aboriginal Australians Education

Aboriginal Australians Study and Teaching


Limit your searches further by Modifying your search to limit to the Curriculum Collection or Fisher Collection or the Wingara Mura Library collection.

Remember the Library collection includes films, documentaries, sound recordings and posters. For example, the following link shows a search by keyword for Yothu Yindi and limit/modify your search to DVDs, sound recordings or music recording.     

Library Databases for Aboriginal Perspectives

Library databases index the literature in the field. When searching a database break down your question into the main concepts and list search terms and synonyms and use these to search for your concepts. Not all records in the database will have full-text links, if the full-text is required consult the Library Catalogue; for assistance ask our staff at the Fisher Information Desk ph 9351 2993.

Watch the library's short video on how to search databases effectively, it's called Search Smarter, Search Faster.

The folllowing database called A+ Education is a good database to start with as it is has regional Australian content. 

Venture outside the bounds of Fisher Library for more titles...

Books on Australian Aboriginal History

Indigenous Readers

Indigenous literacy materials for students learning to read and write.
These titles also showcase Australian Indigenous artists. Titles below are just a sample of the materials held in Fisher Library's specialist Curriculum Collection.

The Honey Ant Readers. The Library holds collections of Indigenous literacy material.  Check thee Library catalogue to locate Honey Ant Readers currently available and Indij readers little and big fullas

View Honey Ant Teaching resources on the web.

Look up the Honey Ant Readers on Youtube and you will find videos of the stories such as Nana Dig.

Books on Notable Aboriginal People