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Media and Communications: Data Visualisation

What is data visualisation

Data visualizations allow you to see the concepts that you’re learning about in a more interesting way. The information is abstracted in some schematic form. There are many different ways to do this, see Dataviz for some examples. Also called Infographics, data visualisations allow you to see patterns and connections in data (or numbers) that tells a story by representing them using maps or landscapes.

Data visualization is increasingly used in education and journalism and by governmental and non-governmental agencies to make data both interesting and accessible.

 For more information see the ABS page on Data Visualisation.

 For more information see our Libguide on Data Analysis and Visualisation.


Key organisations and projects using data visualisation

Data Visualisation from the TED Website

Data visualisation tools

More data visualisation tools

QSR NVivo -qualitative data analysis software

SPSS - statistical analysis software

Nesstar -software system for publishing data on the Web

Wordle - a tool for generating word clouds

DataViz: visualisation for the public sector  developed by the UK based organisation Oxford consultants for Social Inclusion.

Data visualization Blogs