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Media and Communications: Finding Government media resources & releases

Media and Press Releases

Media releases issued by a minister, member of parliament or a government department or agency provide access to information about government policy.There are published and online sources will help you locate information released to the media. They also supplement Hansards (Parliamentary debates) by providing texts of important speeches made outside parliament.

The news media (newspapers, radio, television and web news) provides access to many of the discussions and debates that surround government policy.  Media research will provide different perspectives on a policy area, from political to popular responses.

Media Databases

News coverage of a public or social policy issue may provide access to some of the debates that surrounding the introduction of a new policy or a change in a specific area. Political and statements and opionions may also be covered in news articles and programs, news databases will allow you to quickly access this information.    


Capital monitor database

Capital Monitor provides access to policy and parliamentary documents from Federal, State and Territory governments.

Monitors and provides access to legislative resources, policy newsletters, media releases and indexes parliamentary documents(mostly full-text).

Updated daily.

Media Releases in Capital Monitor - varies but usually from 1996 onwards.

Commonwealth Parliament & Government -Press releases, transcripts, statements, from the Government, departments and agencies, the Opposition, minor parties, companies and special interest groups,

NSW and other States and Territories  transcripts, press statements NSW 1996- other states 1997, Northern Territory 2000-