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Statistics - Australian: ABS Microdata (CURFs)

Statistics and Census Data Australia and selected International and country sources

What is ABS Microdata?

Accessing Microdata

ABS Microdata DataLab

University of Sydney Higher Degree Research student access to ABS DataLab :

  • The student must use a secure University of Sydney supplied computer. The student’s department is responsible for providing access to a computer that meets ICT security requirements
  • The student’s supervisor must also have attended ABS DataLab training prior to the student being approved for access to DataLab
  • The student’s supervisor must support their access to ABS DataLab and be listed on the ABS application
  • The student must consult with University’s Ethics Office prior to applying for access to DataLab to clarify if human ethics approval is needed in order to conduct research using the intended data. If human ethics approval is needed, an ethics application must be submitted prior to applying for access to DataLab.