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Project Management: Case studies

Finding case studies

This page aims to provide you with a mix of information on how to find case studies and links to resources that contain case studies.

Use a range of sources

It would be unusual to find all the information you require about a specific project in a single source.  Case studies (as a specific document format) may provide you with a good beginning point, but you will most likely need to survey a range of sources in order to find answers across the scope of your enquiry.

Commercial case studies or government projects?

It can be difficult to find information of a commercial nature, particularly budgetary details or impartial assessment of the success of a project.  There may be more information available regarding government projects given the reporting requirements of certain jurisdictions as well as the public interest in projects initiated by government.  In light of this, consider searching for reports on the applicable government department website, the applicable parliament records (referred to as HANSARD) and news sources, a list of which are provided below.


Many scholarly databases contain case studies on a variety of topics. View this quick video (< 1 min) that demonstrates the basic conventions of finding case studies in many University of Sydney Library subscribed databases.


News sources