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Education & Curriculum Studies: Articles, Images & using Databases

Education Research Databases

Databases are online collections of resources that you can search to find information. Some databases cover a particular subject area and some cover a range of disciplines. Most library databases require a unikey login. Finding the most appropriate databases can involve scoping searches across a range of different systems.

Use Library databases to search for journal articles, chapters from books and reports. 

When searching databases think of synonyms, broader, narrower and related terms for the concepts you are searching. Use the features in the systems to refine your search (such as limiting by peer review or date) making the results more relevant.

BOOLEAN OPERATORS are used in database searching:

AND narrows your search, use AND to combine different concepts

OR broadens your search, use OR to combine synonyms or related terms

Consult the Education and Curriculum Studies Databases list for the best databases for education and related topics.


The top three databases that index educational resources are listed below..

Multidisciplinary Databases


The way in which a concept, topic or subject is described varies greatly across disciplines. In some disciplines subject and concept descriptors are very precise and in others there are multiple descriptors/terms that may relate to a specific concept. Education and the Social Sciences frequently have a multiplicity of relevant search terms. Specialist thesauri will help you explore the terminology that relates to your research area and the particular database you are searching. Thesauri may help you to focus or broaden your search and locate synonyms and related terms for your concepts. Many database have a thesaurus built into the search options.

Citation Databases

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Streamed media databases

Freely available images on the web for educational use

Theses/Dissertations Databases

An academic dissertation or thesis is a large research paper written by students in order to complete their master's or doctoral degrees (PhD).