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Medicine for Students: Grey Literature

This guide contains resources to help with your study and support your research in Medicine.

What is 'grey literature'?

Materials that have not been published commercially and are not available via major databases are considered to be grey literature. This information may not have been published formally at all, and may not be peer reviewed. Grey literature includes reports, conference papers, clinical guidelines, registered trials, theses and dissertations, informal communication, websites, official documents, newsletters, and patents.


Clinical Trial Registries

Other Resources

Conference Papers

Some databases that contain conference papers include:

Digital Repositories

Repositories contain research outputs, which are considered grey literature. These resources can be unpublished, or could have been published in other forms. Repositories are a great place to find research findings before they are made available through a commercial publisher. Repositories can contain journal articles, book chapters, conference papes, creative works, data, or dissertations and theses.