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Journal articles, news and case studies: Find a specific journal article

Search example

Locate a copy of the following article:

Chesbrough, H. W.  2011, 'Bringing open innovation to services', MIT Sloan Management Review, vol. 52, no. 2, pp. 85-90.

Option #1 - Search for the name of the article

1)  Enter the name/title of the article into the main search box e.g. "Bringing open innovation to servicesLibrary Search page
2)  If the article is available via one of the Library's databases, it should appear close to the top of your results list.
Library Search result

Option #2 - Search for the name of the journal

If option #1 didn't work, search for the name of the journal in which the article was published (e.g. MIT Sloan Management Review).

1)  Access the Library's Journal Search page and enter the name of the journal.

The Library's journal search box

2)  Your Library Search results will let you know if the journal is available online or can be accessed in hard-copy from the Library.
Finding a journal search results page

Option #3 - Google

It can sometimes pay off to run a Google search on the title of the article.

Use quotation marks to search for the title as an exact phrase.

To limit your search to PDF files (more likely to be full-text articles), enter filetype:pdf at the end of your search query.

Google search results

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