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Standards and Patents: Finding Standards

A guide to finding standards and patents online


What type of standard are you looking for?

Note: If you have any doubts about how to obtain a standard, please e-mail

Australian / New Zealand Standards (AS/NZ)

Australian Standards are available via our SAI Global database subscription.  You may also use this subscription to browse other standards, including ISO Standards, and previously purchased ISO Standards may be available for viewing in full.

Please logout after use as only three concurrent users are able to access the database. 

International Standards (ISO)

Yoy may request International Standards by sending an e-mail to  In the first instance, the Library will attempt to supply the British or Australian equivalent one exists.  You will also find a small number of international standards held in print - find these by searching the Library catalogue.  The SAI Global database is also an helpful reference for ISO standards.


Current ASTM Standards are now available directly from the IHS database.

You will need to register for a personal account before you can search and access the standards.

The ASTM Digital Library is still available for technical content covering a wide range of materials and industries, including Special Technical Publications, manuals, technical papers and journals here.

IEEE Xplore Standards

The IEEE Xplore database contains a complete set of current IEEE Standards.

In order to search for IEEE Standards, follow this procedure:

1.  Go to the IEEE Xplore homepage

2.  Click on "Advanced Search"

3.  Under "Publications", deselect everything except "IEEE

4.  Run your search

All other standards

For standards produced by organisations not referred to elsewhere on this page follow these two steps:

1. Conduct a search for the standard via the Library catalogue.  Search by keyword using the standard number or the title of the standard.

2.  If not listed, request the standard via

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