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MOOC Resources for Educators: Books/Journals/Articles

A guide to locating and using resources for the teaching of MOOCs

Creative Commons Licences

Explanations of the six Creative Commons licences, and symbols, can be accessed HERE

Generic Search Tools

CautionWhen using any of the tools above to search for CC materials ALWAYS verify the terms of the licence for an item by following the link and checking the original site.

 CC search portal

Creative Commons created this dedicated search portal to search for reusable content using keyword, licence type and type of material.

and  can be used to find Creative Commons licensed materials by filtering results for material available for reuse, and type of reuse, using their advanced search options.  Mozilla Firefox finds CC materials using the in-built search tool in the top right hand corner of the toolbar.

Click for instructions on finding Creative commons material using Google and Yahoo!

Search Google Images, click Search Tools, choose Usage Rights, Select type of licence. Click on an image, then on Visit page.  On the image’s original website, you can check that the image is legitimate and has been licenced correctly. 


Users may mark their videos with a Creative Commons "CC BY" license. These videos are accessible to YouTube users for use, in their own videos via the YouTube Video Editor.

Click for instructions on finding Creative commons material using YouTube


Journals and Articles

Open Access Dissertations and Theses

Open Access Databases