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An overview on finding and using our eBooks.



eBook Platform     Issue Answer
 ACLS Humanities E-Book  How can I print or download, and how many pages? These ebooks open in an on-screen reader. To print, click the PDF button, and you can print or download a maximum of 10 pages at a time. More...
CSIRO How many pages can I save or print ? Only one page at a time to be saved, printed, or emailed due to restrictions imposed by the publisher.

This book is not available message .    
When you click through to the book, you see the EBL logo and message:


The title is no longer available on the EBL platform. You can view the rest of the books EBL have available, including ones to which we don't have access.

For your specific title, check our catalogue or CrossSearch again to see if we have access on another platform, or a print copy

EBL You can browse for 5 minutes message
EBL Request access button
Click the Request Access button and fill out the form to Request Purchase. You will get an email when / if purchase has been approved.
EBL, ebrary Errors occur when Downloading into Adobe Digital Editions See the Troubleshooting box on the EBL, ebrary & CSIRO Downloading tab
General Which eresources are not available to walk-in users? See the Restricted eresources box on the Basics tab 
 General  ebook formats - ePUB or PDF See the Which ebook format?  box on the EBL, ebrary & CSIRO Downloading tab 

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