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Ebooks help: Finding eBooks

An overview on finding and using our eBooks.

How to find our ebooks

Our ebooks can be found in a number of complementary ways:

  • In our catalogue, you can search for them by title, author, or subject.
  • CrossSearch, (the searchbox on the library home page), looks for your search words as title, author, subject, and also in the text of many but not all of our ebooks
  • Links to our ebook providers let you search the fulltext of the books on their home platforms, as well as author, title, and subject

Find ebooks via CrossSearch

  1. Search CrossSearch (via the box on the Library homepage). At the results, under Refine your search click  Book / eBook to filter your search to books only. Then click Full text online to filter only eBooks.
  2. Continue refining your search until you are happy with the results
  3. Or, try it out in the box below!  (Click Clear Filters to do a new search in CrossSearch.)


Ebooks filter in CrossSearcg
Search for eBooks:

Find ebooks in the Catalogue

Search by keyword in the box below, or go to the catalogue, enter your keyword(s), and select ebooks from the Limit to dropdown.

Search for eBooks: