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Research Impact: Altmetrics

Research impact, publishing for impact, research communication tools.

What are Altmetrics?

"Altmetrics expand our view of what impact looks like, but also of what’s making the impact. This matters because expressions of scholarship are becoming more diverse." (J, Priem, D. Taraborelli, P. Groth, C. Neylon (2010), Altmetrics: A manifesto, 26 October 2010) 

It may include economic & societal impact as well as traditional measures like academic citation.

Altmetrics tools

   Altmetric Logo

Use Altmetric to discover new scholarly articles in hundreds of disciplines, while monitoring your personal research impact in academia and beyond. Install the free bookmarklet to article level metrics.


ImpactStory is an open-source, web-based tool that helps researchers explore and share the diverse impacts of all their research products—from traditional ones like journal articles, to emerging products like blog posts, datasets, and software. Use Firefox to create your free account.

 Plum Analytics - Measuring Research Impact

Plum Analytics tracks more than 20 different types of records, including journal articles, books, videos, presentations, conference proceedings, datasets, source code and more, by collecting impact metrics across usage, captures, mentions, social media, and citations. (Fee service)