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Government Documents - Australia: Debates (Hansard)

Parliamentary Debates - Federal Government

The verbatim record of parliamentary debates published by the various parliaments is commonly called Hansard. Included are answers to questions, texts or petitions, and the occasional report which has been incorporated in Hansard without being read in parliament.

 AUSTRALIA. Parliament. Parliamentary debates

General information:

From 1953+ Senate and House of Representatives debates appear in separate volumes at G.AUS DS and G.AUS DR respectively.
The latest weekly issues are held at the law library law compactus G.AUS DS and G.AUS DR.
The bound volumes include indexes to subjects and names of speakers. The daily and weekly issues do not include indexes.

Parliamentary Debates Print

G.AUS DR current issues are located in Law Compactus

Earlier issues are located in Storage DST 13955 for 1901-Aug 2011 and DSG 05871 for Sep 2011 - Mar 2012

G.AUS DS current issues are located in Law Compactus

G.AUS DS 1901 - 1994 ; 1997-2004 binding set is located in Law Compactus

Earlier issues are located in Storage DST 13957 for 1901-Aug 2011 and DSG 05872 for Sep 2011 - Mar 2012 


Parliamentary Debates Online

Access 1996+: Parliament of Australia. Hansard.

Access Senate 1981+ (Browse): Parlinfoweb

Access House 1981+ (Browse): Parlinfoweb

Parliamentary Debates - Hansards States and Territories

New South Wales

Access Library catalogue entry: New South Wales. Parliament.

Parliamentary debates

Law Library Law Compactus contains G.NSW D 1880-1972 

Parliamentary debates (Hansard)

Law Library Law Compactus contains G.NSW D 1973+ (Bound volumes and loose issues)

Parliamentary debates index Microform

Law Library Law Compactus contains 328.94402 2  (on microfilm)    1856-1880


Available online: Index to Records of Legislative Proceedings (PDF)
NSW Parliamentary Debates (Hansards & Papers)

New South Wales. Parliamentary Debates - Advanced search

  • All Hansard records from November 1973
  • All House Papers from Sep 1991 (50th Parliament)
  • Selected earlier records back to 1824 are also available from Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.
  • Committee hearing transcripts, are available under each inquiry in the Committees pages


Debates in the Sydney Morning Herald

Before 1879 New South Wales debates were reported in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Microform located in Storage DN 497 Debates available 1856-1879

Available online: National Library of Australia: Australian Newspapers 

 Sydney Morning Herald - Aug.1842+ (early issues incomplete)

Australian Capital Territory

Available online: Legislative Assembly for the ACT Hansard 1989+



Access Library catalogue entry: Queensland Parliament. Parliament.

Parliamentary Debates. Queensland parliamentary debates. (incl. official record of the debates) 

Law Library Law Compactus contains G.QLD D 1864+  (incomplete)  (bound volumes)

Parliamentary debates (Hansard) / Legislative Assembly.

Law Library Law Compactus contains G.QLD D 1965-1989

Storage (Sydney) contains G.QLD D 1990 +

Journals [microform] / Queensland Legislative Council.

Fisher Microform      328.94301   2  1864-1901[reels 87-104]  (microfilm) 

Available online: Queensland Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Record of Proceedings. Hansard. 1860; 1990 +


South Australia          

Access Library catalogue entry: South Australia. Parliament.

Official reports of the parliamentary debates (Hansard)

Fisher Microform 328.942302 2    1857-1900 (microfilm)

Law Library Law Compactus contains G.SA D 1889+  (bound volumes)

Available online: Parliament of South Australia. Hansard. 1990+



Access Library catalogue entry: Tasmania.  Parliament.

Legislative Council. Parliamentary debates (Hansard)/ Parliament of Tasmania, Legislative Council.

G.TAS LD Law Library Law Compactus contains 38th Parlia.,2nd sess.,no. 1(5/6 Mar. 1980)-1991

Other issues are located in Storage:

DST 14035 42:1(1992),42:4(1995)

DST 14035 1992-43rd Parl., 1st sess., no. 1-5 (1996)

Note: Before 1980 Tasmanian debates were reported in the Mercury newspaper, Hobart.



Access Library catalogue entry: Victoria. Parliament.

Parliamentary debates (Hansard) Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly

Law Library Law Compactus contains G.VIC D   

Fisher Gov Docs contains G.VIC D 1

Legislative Assembly Parliamentary debates (Hansards)

Law Library Law Compactus contains G.VIC DA 1982-1998

Note: Indexes for 1990-1993 shelved in Research Library with the Hansards

Storage contains DST 13983 1999-2004

Legislative Council   Parliamentary debates (Hansards)

Law Library Law Compactus contains G.VIC DC 1982-1998

Storage contains DST 13984 1999-2004


Western Australia 

Click for catalogue: Western Australia. Parliament.  

Parliamentary Debates.

Law Library Law Compactus contains G.WA D 1877-1890 (Legislative Council); 1891-1952 (Legislative Council and Assembly - Hansard)        

Legislative Assembly. Estimates Committees. Parliamentary debates (Hansard) / Estimates Committees. Legislative Assembly, Western Australia

Fisher Gov Docs contains G.WA D:ACE

Legislative Council. Estimates Committees. Parliamentary debates (Hansard) / Estimates Committees. Legislative Council, Western Australia

Fisher Gov Docs contains G.WA D:CCE

Parliamentary Debates on Parlinfo


      Click on logo to access ParlInfo search

The Parliament of Australia ParlInfo Search provides free access to "Australian Parliamentary information resources and incluudes Hansards, Bills, Senate Journals, Votes and Proceedings, Notice Papers, Committee reports, Parliamentary Handbook, newspaper clippings, media, publications and much more. It will also search for information located on the Australian Parliament website."

Parlinfo allows you to search debates and other Parliamentary Documents.   The full-text for most documents is available from 1981 onward.

Search features and Help 

The Parlinfo Search Help page many useful training videos and tips on using Parlinfo search

Hansard (Parliamentary proceedings including debates)- The Senate and House of Representatives Hansards are available online the morning following a sitting day. Hansards of Committee hearings are also available online. Transcripts are published shortly after the committee meets. The electronic version of Hansard is available from 1901 onwards.

Votes & Proceedings - formal record of daily parliamentary business avialable 1901+

Other Online Sources from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Documents

Votes & Proceedings House of representatives - Votes and Proceedings for every Parliament since 1901 in PDF via this website