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Government Documents - Australia: Votes & Proceedings


  Votes and proceedings and Journals form the daily record of the business of the parliament. In the lower houses of parliament they are generally called Votes and Proceedings and in the upper houses they are usually called Journals or Minutes of Proceedings. They contain lists of committees, records of attendance, and details of papers tabled but not printed. The full texts of printed papers are sometimes bound with the Votes or the Journals.

Votes and Proceedings, Journals - Federal


Australia.  Parliament.  House of Representatives.   Votes and Proceedings

Law Library Law Compactus G.AUS V 1901+            

Available online: Historical Votes and Proceedings: Parliament of Australia Votes and Proceedings 1901-2010 (pdf version)

Browse or search House Votes and proceedings via Parlinfo search. To search votes and proceedings in Parlinfo click on theadvanced/search browse tab, enter your search terms and check votes and proceedings.

Australia. Parliament. Senate. Journals

Law Library Law compactus current issue (loose issues) only of  G.AUS J

Storage  DST 13961  1901-2010

             DSG 05870  2010-2011

Available online: Journals of the Senate (PDF format) 2002 +

Available online: Journals of the Senate via Parlinfo

Browse journals by date, parliament number or chamber source To search senate journals in Parlinfo click on theadvanced/search browse tab, enter your search terms and check Journals in the Senate collection.

Votes and Proceedings, Journals - New South Wales

Journals, Votes & Proceedings in the Library Collection

New South Wales. Legislative Council. Votes and Proceedings

Storage (Canberra) DST 05679      1824-1855  (bound volumes)
Fisher Microform     328.944 18     1824-1855

Note: Earlier title: Minutes of proceedings of the Legislative Council [microform] included in holdings

New South Wales. Parliament. Legislative Council. Joint Estimates Committees. Questions and answers

Law Library Law Compactus G.NSW J   50th Parliament (1991)-(1994)

New South Wales.  Parliament.  Legislative Council. Journal of the Legislative Council of New South Wales

Law Library Law Compactus   G.NSW J         1901-1984/85/86  (bound volumes)
Storage (Canberra)               DST 05681      1856-1900
Fisher Microform                   328.94401 1    1856-1900 (microfilm)
New South Wales.  Parliament.  Legislative Assembly. Votes and Proceedings (note:  no Legislative Assembly until 1856)

Law Library Law Compactus contains G.NSW V 1901-1986 (bound volumes)      

Storage: DST 05680 1856-1900  (bound volumes); G.NSW V 1994-1998 (loose issues)                  

Fisher Microform 328.944 19       1856-1900 (microfilm)

The latest unbound issues of all the above titles are located in Law Library Law Compactus at G.NSW P 

Journals, Votes & Proceedings Online

House Paper records from May 1856 to present

Journals and House papers are available from the New South Wales Parliament website. Documents include: Daily Program,  Notices of Motion and Orders of the Day, Votes (Assembly) and Minutes (Council), Questions and Answers and Statutory Rules & Instruments.

First Legislative Council (1824-1855)

​​​​​​​​The First Legislative Council archive contains documents from 1824 to 1855. It includes tabled papers, SMH newspaper reports of debates, and documents relating to the administration of the First Council (classified as "non-tabled papers").

Votes and Proceedings, Journals - Other States

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory. House of Assembly. Minutes of Proceeding.

Storage 328.947 1     1980-1985

Assembly reporter. ACT House of Assembly 

Storage 328.94704 1 1979-1981

Availble online: Legislative Assembly for the ACT. Assembly Business. 1989+


Northern Territory

Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory. Index to Minutes of Proceedings and Papers Tabled 1990+


Queensland.  Parliament.  Legislative Assembly. Votes and Proceedings (with papers)

Storage DST 13973                   1893-1901 (bound volumes)

Fisher Microform 328.94301 1    1860-1901 (microfilm) [reels 1-47]

Queensland.  Parliament.  Legislative Council.Journals (with papers).

Storage DST 13974                  1860-1901 (bound volumes)      

Fisher Microform 328.94301 2  1860-1901 (microfilm) [reels 48-86] 

Queensland.  Parliament. Journals

Storage DST 13973 1902+

Availble online: Queensland Legislative Assembly. Votes & Proceeding 1992+

South Australia                                      

South Australia.  Parliament Proceedings of the parliament ... with copies of documents ordered to be printed

Fisher Microform 328.942301 1 1857/8 - 1900/1

Storage DST 13978                  1889+ (bound volumes)

Available online: Parliament of South Australia. House of Assembly. Business of the Assembly. 1990+                   

Parliament of South Australia. Legislative Council. Business of the Council (includes minutes and proceedings) 1996+



Tasmania.  Parliament.  Legislative Council. Journals

Fisher Microform 328.94601 3     1856-1883 (microfilms)              

Tasmania.  Parliament.  House of Assembly. Journals.

Fisher Microform 328.94601 1     1856-1883 (microfilm)     

Tasmania.  Parliament. Journals and printed papers

Fisher Microform 328.94601 2     1884-1902 (microfilm)

G.TAS J 1900+ (bound volumes) contained in Storage DST 13980

Available online:Tasmania Legislative Council Votes & proceedings 1992+

Tasmania House of Assembly Votes & proceedings 1992+ 


Victoria.  Parliament.  Legislative Assembly. Votes and Proceedings

Fisher Microform 328.94504 1     1856/7-1900/1 (microfilm)

Storage DST 13982                    1974-2006 (bound volumes)

Victoria.  Parliament.  Legislative Council. Votes and Proceedings

Fisher Microform 328.94501 1     1852-1902  (microfilm)

Available online: Victoria. Parliament. Legislative Assembly Votes & Proceedings. Current Parliament and Archive 1996 +


Western Australia

Western Australia.  Parliament. Minutes and Votes and Proceedings with papers

Fisher Microform 328.941 2       1890/91-1900 (microfilm)

Storage DST 13985                   1901-1985 (bound volumes)

Western Australia.  Legislative Council. Votes and Proceedings

Fisher Microform 328.941 2       1870-89  (microfilm)           

Western Australia.  Parliament. Journals and printed papers

Fisher Microform 328.94105  1    August 1985+  (microfiche)    

Availble online: Parliament of Western Australia.Parliamentary Business. Chamber Documents.Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly

Note: Select Document type (Votes & Proceedings, minutes, business program, notice paper, questions) or House 1997+


Additional Sources: Administrative Chronicles

The Australian Journal of Public Administration regularly publishes administrative chronicles of each State and periodically the Federal government. Administrative chronicles were published from 1976-1988 and recommenced publication in 1996.

Storage 351.05 4 1937-2003  all issues also available online     AUSTRALIAN Journal of Public Administration