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Trends in Public Opinion

Research databases for poll information

Australian Data Archive
Australian Data Archive (ADA) includes a significant collection of Opinion and News Poll data. This data is freely available to University of Sydney Staff and Students. For information about accessing data see:

From the ADA Home page select the Social Science collection, then select catalogue from the menu bar. All collections within the Social Science collection will be displayed. Click on the plus sign beside polls to display all available poll data. Each poll includes information on sample and you can also browse and select variables. Some data can be viewed online but analysis of data requires registration and a login for information on data access. An introduction to the Data Archive and a User Guide are available from the ADA website

Factiva's content search will allow you to locate news media coverage "primarily based on the results of a survey, poll or questionnaire". This search may help you locate or identify an opinion poll or survey on your research area. One you have selected Survey/opinion poll from the content options you can limit your search to a region or country, a topic, a news source or date or date range. Access Factiva via the Library's Databases and Electronic Resources Page.

Polls - selected resources

Morgan gallup poll. Finding North Sydney : Roy Morgan Research Centre, 1973-1992  Storage 301.154 45

Morgan gallup poll. Findings North Sydney : Roy Morgan Research Centre, 1992-1998 Imperfect.  Storage 301.154 45

The Mackay report 1999-2003 Storage 303.380994 7 

IPSOS Mackay report : exploring the Mind & Mood of Australia Aug 2003-2008 Storage 303.380994 7 

Australian opinion polls 1941-1990 : an index Melbourne : D.W. Thorpe in association with the National Centre for Australian Studies, 1993 
Fisher 016.30338 1  

Saulwick poll reprints 1990-91 compiled and produced for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald by Irving Saulwick AssociatesStorage 320.994063 2

See also, Roy Morgan website:

Australian Readership Archive, also has links on page to New Zealand data.

Findings tab - see Country, Industry, Topics on right of page. Topics include Public Opinion & Most Important Issues