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Government Documents - Australia: Elections and Electoral Information

Elections -Print Resources

Australian Electoral Commission. Election Statistics 1975 - 1993 Fisher Research 324.202194 2 to 324.202194 9

This has separate books for each state's results. Election statistics are also recorded in the Parliamentary handbook and the Parliamentary papers (under the heading Elections and Referendums).

Australian Electoral Office. Summary of Commonwealth election and referendum statistics 1901-1975, Fisher Reference 324.202194 2

Australian Electoral Office.Commonwealth by-elections 1901-1982  Fisher Reference 324.944 9
New South Wales.  State Electoral Office. Legislative Assembly;  Statistical returns. 1971-1995 Fisher Research 324.944 6 (see also NSW parliamentary papers).

New South Wales. State Electoral Office. Legislative Council;  statistical returns  1978-1995 Fisher Research 324.944 8  (See also NSW Parliamentary Papers)

Ley  F Commonwealth electoral procedures: and other information relating to electoral and election matters. 1992 Fisher Reference 324.94 18 

342.9407         NEW South Wales.  Parliament.  Legislative Council.
   1B            Conspectus of the electoral legislation of the
(also Law)       states of Australia and the Northern Territory.
                 5th edition  1980  REMOVE THIS

Fisher MIC       COMMONWEALTH electoral maps, proclaimed
324.630994       Microreproduction of maps published between 1900 and
    1            1979 by mapping authorities in each state, accompanied by a
                 printed index.

Poster           NEW South Wales.  State Electoral Office.
A-V Area         Maps of the State Electoral Districts as determined by the
                 Electoral Districts Commissioners  1980.


The following three works give details of election results for the Commonwealth and states, plus lists of cabinets, governors, governors-general.


R354.94          HUGHES  C A  and  GRAHAM  B D
  4              A handbook of Australian government and politics
                 Canberra:  ANU Press  1968

R320.994         HUGHES  C A
  29             A handbook of Australian Government and politics
                 Canberra:  ANU Press  1977

R320.994         HUGHES  C A
  79             A handbook of Australian government and politics
                 Canberra:  ANU Press  1986

The following two books give very detailed results of each election, giving figures for each electorate. Similar studies exist for the other states by the same authors.

R329.0239404     HUGHES  C A  and  GRAHAM  B D
     1           Voting for the Australian House of Representatives
                 Canberra:  ANU Press  1974

U329.023944      HUGHES  C A  and  GRAHAM  B D
    2            Voting for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly 1890-1964
                 Canberra:  ANU Department of Political Science  1975


Elections - Online Resources

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