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Government Documents - Australia: Directories, Guides & Bibliographies

Parliamentary Handbooks - Online

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet provides advice to other Australian Government agencies on many aspects of public administration.


Parliamentary Handbook      Parliamentary Handbook 

The Parliamentary Handbook is a comprehensive reference work on aspects of the Commonwealth Parliament and the Australian political system. It contains political biographies of all Members of both Houses since the initiation of Federation together with details of parliamentary committees and elections along with additional useful information.


Executive Council  Federal Executive Council Handbook

 The Executive Council Handbook is produced as a reference for ministers, parliamentary secretaries, and their officials as an aid in the preparation of papers for consideration by the Governor-General in Council.


     Cabinet Handbook 


Legislation Handbook   

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a description of the procedures involved in making Commonwealth Acts, especially the procedures coordinated by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C).  


 Senate  Senate Committees 

A directory of Senate Committees convened by the Australian Parliament


House of Representatives  House of Representatives Committees

A directory of House of Representative Committees convened by the Australian Parliament

Federal Government Directories - Held in the Library Collection

A good introduction/overview of the workings of the Federal Government can be found in:

Directories of Government Publications held in the Library Collection

The following books provide useful information about Australian government publications.