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Government Documents - Australia: Government Gazettes

Government Gazettes

Gazettes advise the public of the decisions made by parliament and the various government departments and instrumentalities. They contain information on public service appointments and promotions, public holidays, dates when new legislation will come into effect, bankruptcy notices, tender notices, details of re-organisation of government departments, etc. Bound volumes of the Australian and New South Wales government gazettes are located on Floor 9 of Fisher Library. 

National Archives of Australia. Fact sheet 22 – Commonwealth of Australia Gazettes

GovPubs: The Australian Government Publications Guide

GovPubs: the Australian Publications Guide to Government Gazettes on the Web includes to both Commonwealth and State Gazettes

Capital Monitor

The Capital monitor database includes items from the Commonwealth and state government gazettes.

Government Gazettes available online and in Library Collection

National Library of Australia 

A guide to finding information in official government gazettes

This guide includes comprehensive information on the structure and content  of Gazettes andalso includes information pages for the Gazettes of States and Territories. Useful for locating Gazettes available online and identifying the purpose of different section of Gazettes. The guide provides the most detailed holdings for Gazettes available online.

information about the current series of Australian Government gazettes is available from the Australian Government information and services website and a Commonwealth of Australia Gazettes – Fact sheet(22) is also available from the National Archives of Australia

Government Gazettes online

Commonwealth Government Gazette Online

The Commonwealth Government Notices Gazette (Gazette), including Special and Periodic Gazettes, has been published by the Office of Parliamentary Counsel since 1 October 2012. Between 1 July 2002 and 1 October 2012, the Gazette was published by the Attorney-General's Department. Gazettes published before 1 July 2002 are not available electronically.

Gazette notices are now published electronically as individual general notices on ComLaw. More information can be found here

Commonwealth Government Gazette (Online) 2012+

Commonwealth Government Historical Gazettes (Online) 2002-2012 

New South Wales Government Gazette Online

New South Wales Government Gazette (Online) 2001 + 

New South Wales Government Gazette Index (online) 2001-

Additional information for New South Wales Gazettes is available from the State Library of New South Wales Government Gazette website.

New South Wales Government Gazettes 1836-1859 (State Library of Victoria)

University of Sydney Library holdings

Australian Federal Government

Commonwealth of Australia gazette Canberra:  AGPS 

Location: Law Compactus G.AUS G holdings incomplete

Australian Government Gazette Canberra: AGPS

Location: Law Compactus G.AUS G holdings incomplete

New South Wales Government

New South Wales. The Government Gazette of New South Wales (Sydney:  Government Printer)

Location: Storage DST 05683

Library has: 1833-v. 2 (1863) ; v. 2 (1864)-v. 3 (1867) ; v. 1 (1869) ; v. 1 (1877)-v. 4 (1877) ; v. 2 (1878)-v. 1 (1879) ; v. 3 (1879)-v. 4 (Dec. 1881) ; v. 3 (Apr./May 1882)-v. 1 (Mar. 1886) ; v. 3 (July 1886)-v. 6 (1900)

New South Wales.  Government gazette of the State of New South Wales

Location: Law Compactus G.NSW G 

Library has: Sep-Dec 1901 ; Feb 1902 ; Nov-Dec 1903 ; Apr-Dec 1904 ; Jul-Dec 1905 ; Jul-Dec 1906 ; Apr-Jun 1907-1908 ; Apr-Jun 1909 ; Jan-Mar 1914 ; 28 Oct 1915 ; 1948 ; 1961 (incomplete)-1991.
Wanting: 1907 v.4

Index: Index to the New South Wales Government Gazette: for the year....

Location: Law Compactus G.NSW G 

Library has: 1832-1842 ; 1983-1992 (Imperfect)

Sydney gazette and New South Wales  Advertiser 1803-1842

Microform holdings Storage  072A 4  & DST 11655 

Library has: Vol. 1 (Mar. 5, 1803 to Feb. 26, 1804)-v.9 (5 Jan. 1811 to 28 Dec. 1811)

1(Mar. 5, 1803 to Feb. 26, 1804)-v.9 (5 Jan. 1811 to 28 Dec. 1811)          

Microform holdings Storage 079.9441 12 & D N493

Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 5, 1803)-v. 40, no. 6503(Oct. 20, 1842)

Available online via the National Library Australia Newspapers Digital Collection

Access:  Sydney gazette and New South Wales  Advertiser 1803-1842 

State Library of New South Wales holdings for the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

Australia Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory. Australian Capital Territory Gazette

Location: Storage May 1989- 1993 imperfect 

Availble online: ACT Governments Gazettes online 1996+

Gazette Index available 1989-2001