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Chinese / Japanese / Korean Studies: Film/Media

Find information about resources relating to Chinese, Japanese and Korean language and culture.

Search major national and overseas newspapers (mid-1980s - present) provides access to major national and overseas newspapers. Search for articles in a selected language by:

  • Limiting by language - this will search the entire database and retrieve articles in the selected language. Click the language option in the left column and select the required language from the list. Enter a search term and click search. A search can combine a number of terms, ie (Japan* and manga). A search for (Shinto or Buddhism) will find articles with either Shinto or Buddhism. Connectors “or” / “and” must be in English. Adding * after the word stem will return all endings i.e. Japan*=Japan, Japanese. The full text of the article will appear by clicking on the hypertext link. 

The database usually defaults to English, this can be removed by double clicking on it. 

  • Limit by source - this will narrow your search to selected papers. Click the source option and type in the journal name and enter. A list of available publications will appear, click on each title you’d like to search and it will be added to the source list. Enter a search and click search.

Film Streaming Services

Kanopy is an online video streaming service for tertiary educational institutions internationally, distributing films from BBC, PBS, Media Education Foundation, Documentary Educational Resources, and many other production houses. It can be accessed by all academics and students via UniKey.

Access Kanopy here, or you can access it from the library catalogue by searching for Kanopy.

You can search for the title of a particular film (To look for an exact title or phrase, put your search terms in quotation marks), producer, or you can browse by subject. 

News in your language?

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