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Statistics - Australian: Statistical Returns

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Statistical Returns in the Library collection

Of the Returns of the Colony of New South Wales the Library holds a microfiche copy at Fisher Closed Compactus Level 1 929.394 26, and in print, condensed versions for the same period, called either Statistics of New South Wales, or Statistical returns. See the following parliamentary papers:

New South Wales.  Colonial Secretary.  Statistics of New South Wales.

Fisher Government Documents Level 9 G.NSW CVP (In NSW Legislative Council Votes and Proceedings)

            1843                p.445               1822-1842

            1844  v.1          p.201               1834-1843

            1846                p.201               1836-1845

            1848                p.341               1838-1847

            1850  v.2          p.159               1840-1849

            1853                p.747               1837-1852

            1854                p.1467              1837-1853

            1855  v.2          p.657               1845-1854

Fisher Government Documents Level 9 G.NSW V (In Legislative Assembly.  Votes and Proceedings)

            1856/57 v.2         p.605             1846-1855

            1857  v.1             p.777             1847-1856


New South Wales.  Colonial Secretary's Dept.  Statistics of New South Wales from 1848 to 1857; compiled from official returns of the Colonial Secretary's Office.   Sydney,  Govt. Printer,  1858. Fisher Rare Books Level 2 RB1558.25  

Responsible government was granted to New South Wales in 1855. From 1856 there are consolidated indexes to N.S.W. parliamentary papers from which statistical references may be extracted.

Consolidated indexes to the minutes of the proceedings and printed papers of the New South Wales Legislative Council, 5 volumes. Fisher Reference 328.944016 1 Fisher Government Documents G.NSW IC 1856-1954

From 1858 the responsibility for collecting and disseminating statistics was given to the Registrar General. Use the consolidated indexes, above, to retrieve references such as the following:

N.S.W.  Registrar General.  Annual report. 1st, dated August 1857.  IN N.S.W.

Legislative Assembly.  Votes and Proceedings  1857,  v.1.

Fisher Government Documents Level 9 G.NSW V    

For returns of the "civil, military and ecclesiastical establishments" (i.e. names of government employees) see the Blue Book reproduced in parliamentary papers from 1862+