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Information guides on Musters

New South Wales. State Records. Census/Musters Guide

Fisher Library has acquired reprints of selected early musters of the colony. These are:

Baxter, Carol J (Ed.) Musters and lists: New South Wales and Norfolk Island 1800-1802 Sydney: Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record, 1988.  Held Fisher 929.3944 3

Baxter, Carol J (Ed.) General musters of New South Wales, Norfolk Island and Van Dieman's Land 1811 Sydney: ABGR , 1987 Held Fisher 929.394 41

Baxter, Carol J (Ed.) General Muster and Land and Stock Muster of New South Wales, 1822. Sydney: ABGR, 1988 Held Fisher 929.3944 4

Musters and lists of arrivals of convicts can be found in:

Archives Authority of NSW. Musters and other papers relating to convict ships 1790-1849. Sydney: Archives Authority of NSW, 1986. Held Fisher Rare Books Microform 929.394 53 Vols 1-5


Historical Census Data Federation 1911 onwards -

Census Data in Fisher Library (Census years 1901-1993)

The University Library holds the Australian Bureau of Statistics Historical microfiche series covering the years 1901-1993. This collection INCLUDES CENSUS DATA and contains publications released by the central office of the ABS between 1901 and 1993; as well as publications issued by the State offices between 1985 and 1993.

Publications in this collection are organised by ABS catalogue number.

Use Index to the historical microfiche series : statistical publications since Federation (1901-1993) to locate publications by topic and the catalogue number for specific publications. There is also an online index on the ABS Website.

The collection is located on Level 1 in the Fisher Closed Compactus. 319.4 68 The printed index is shelved with the collection.

Australian Data Archive (ADA) 

ADA Historical provides the home for Australian historical and colonial census materials from 1834 through to the current day. These census data holdings are in two collections: the Historical Census and Colonial Data Archive, and ABS census table data from 1966 to the present.

Historical Censuses online via ABS (Census years 1911-1991)

Historical Censuses 1911 through to 1991 are freely available online via the ABS Website

Historical Census Records - Pre-Federation 1828- 1901

Census data prior to Commonwealth responsibility: the following census resources are held in the Library collection.

Census of New South Wales, November 1828 Edited by Malcolm R. Sainty and Keith A. Johnson. Sydney, Library of Australian History, 1980

Available: Fisher 312.09944 12

Census for the year 1841; abstracts of the returns of the population and houses... IN N.S.W. Legislative Council. Votes and Proceedings. 1841

Available: Law Library Government Documents a
lso Available: New South Wales. State Records.Index to the 1841 Census. [Index Online]

Census of the colony of New South Wales for the year 1851 in N.S.W. Legislative Council. 
Available: Law Library Government Documents
and in Votes and proceedings, 1851 vol 2, p.125 Available: Fisher Microform 328.944 18

Census of the colony of New South Wales,  1st March 1856. Sydney, Govt. Pr., 1857. 
Available: Law Library Government Documents
and in N.S.W. Legislative Assembly. Votes and Proceedings, 1857 vol.1 Available: Fisher Microform 328.944 19

Census of New South Wales for 1861. IN N.S.W. Legislative Assembly. Votes and Proceedings. 1862 vol.3, p.1-702

Available: Law Library Government Documents

Census of 1871 IN N.S.W. Legislative Assembly. Votes and Proceedings. 1872 vol.2 p.779-1208 (pt.1-3) and 1972/3; vol.3 p.673-1484 (pt.4-6)

Available: Law Library Government Documents

Census OF 1881 IN N.S.W. Legislative Council. Journals. 1882. vol.4 (also numbered as vol.36 pt.2) p.545

Available: Law Library Government Documents

New South Wales. Government Statistician's Office. The Statistician's report on the eleventh census of New South Wales. Sydney, Govt. Printer, 1894 
Available: Fisher Rare Books RB 1594.95

The Statistician's Report on the Eleventh Census of New South Wales, 1891, is an important document. Volume 1 deals with census taking in general and with the history of settlement and distribution of population in New South Wales from the earliest times to 1891. Volume 2 is a detailed analysis of the 1891 census. Available: New South Wales. State records. Index to the 1891 Census [Index Online]

Census  of New South Wales for 1901. IN NSW Legislative Council. Journal. 1902. vol.2 (also numbered as vol.64) p.1117

Available: Law Library Government Documents  

Historical Censuses 1911 through to 1991 are on the ABS Website