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Statistics - Australian: ACSPRI, ADA, HILDA & ICPSR

Statistics and Census Data Australia and selected International and country sources


The Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Incorporated (ACSPRI)

ACSPRI  facilitates access to, collects and disseminates Australian and overseas sources for social science data;

The University of Sydney is a a member of ACSPRI, our membership entitles staff and students free access data provided by the Australian Data Archive (ADA) and the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

ACSPRI also runs courses for social research methods and research technology.

HILDA Survey


Inter-University Symposium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
The University of Sydney membership to ACSPRI provides access to the resources of  the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan. 

The ICPSR archive is a large and significant collection of survey and historical data. Many datasets available via ICPSR are freely available however registration is required for access to all datasets. Some datasets have additional access restrictions due to confidentiality issues. Information on Accessing Restricted use data is available from the ICPSR website.

Requests for ICPSR data: The Australian Data Archive maintains collaborative arrangements with many national and international data archives including ICPSR. The agreements include access for Australian researchers. A list of archives is available on the ADA website. If you are interested in obtaining data from these archives, please contact ADA.

Resources available from ICPSR
Data sets and Surveys - include Aging, Criminal Justice, Demographic data, Childcare & early Education, Health and Mental Health, Instructional data, Race and Ethnicity, Terrorism.

Bibliography of Data-Related Publications  A searchable bibliography of scholarship relating to quantitative research in the Social Sciences. Covers the years 1962 onward. To access the bibliography go to:

ADA: Australian Data Archive

The Australian Data Archive



 Click on Logo to go to the ADA website

ADA (Australian Data Archive) find out more about ADA @ 
Australian Data Archive (ADA) is a consortium of leading national Australian universities, managed by the Australian National University (ANU). It was formerly known as  ASSDA (Australian Social Science Data Archive). ASSDA was set up in 1981 to collect and preserve computer-readable social, political and economic data relating and to make the data available for further analysis.

The data is useful for longitudinal and comparative studies and covers a wide range of research areas. The datasets include both Australian and non-Australian studies.  Data is continuously added to  ADA and includes current and historical datasets.

Register for ADA
Registration will allow you to carry out detailed analysis on data online and access and analyse data that has restricted access conditions. Access to ADA data requiring registration is free to all members of ACSPRI. The University of Sydney is a member of ACSPRI.

ADA Registration and Undertaking forms are available at

ADA user guides are available at:

Archive Content
Datasets include the following research areas: Demography, Economics, Elections and campaign studies, Education, Employment, Environment, Health, Housing, Industry, management, Law, Crime & Courts, Mass Media, Political Behaviour and attitudes, Politics, Polls, Psychology, Science, Sociology, Social Class, Social order,  Social Welfare, Culture, Youth (Australian Youth Surveys)
Non-Australian Studies Census, Demography, Economics, Education, Employment, Sociology, Social Class,Social Welfare