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Statistics and Census Data Australia and selected International and country sources

Australian Historical Statistics online - Australian Bureau of Statistics


 Yearbook of Australia 1909

Australian Bureau of Statistics Year books:-  The Yearbooks provide comprehensive statistical overviews of social and economic conditions within Australia for a given year. Statistical Information is available for many aspects of Australian life from geography and demography to government, politics and international relations, the environment, labour force data, housing and health and  other data categories.

Year books also contains feature articles summarising the statistical history or background of an important issue. Recently these essays have reflected the theme for a specific year. The 2008 year book contains sections on geohazards, water and drought in recognition of The International Year of the Planet Earth. Past years have included articles on many topics; Australia's Involvement and Activities In The United Nations, 1945-95 (1995), The 1967 Referendum (2004), Blue - Green Algae (1992) The Australian Flag (1983) and in 1974 A History of Roads in Australia. Feature articles were regularly included in yearbooks from the 1970s onward. Coverage for state Year books vary, most are available from 1996-2008.

Australian Year book online 1907-2008
 The Year book of Australia is available online for the years 2007-2008. It is useful for researchers who require key data on a specific topic or who wish to compare social and economic trends across a number of years. 
Access: ABS Year book Products

Historical Census and Colonial Data Archive (HCCDA) - is a searchable archive of Australian Colonial census publications and reports. The Archive is a sub-archive of the Australian Social Sciences Data Archive (ASSDA) and consists of publications and reports rather than raw census data. Access: Historical Census and Colonial Data Archive (HCCDA)

Australian Historical Population Statistics:- Data cubes for a range of population data including population size and growth, Indigenous population, population growth, population age-sex structure, births, deaths, life tables, migration, country of birth, overseas arrivals and departures, marriages, divorces and marital status. Click on the Explanatory Notes tab for data covered by each data cube. 
Access: Australian Historical Population Statistics date of coverage varies

Australian National Accounts :  Available online 1972 onwards 

Average Weekly Income: Available online 1967 onwards

Historical School Data Online:-  statistics on school, students and teaching staff involved in the provision or administration of primary and secondary education, in government and non-government schools for all Australian states and territories. Data is available for 1960 onward 
Access: Schools, Australia

Labour Statistics, Australia: Access: Available online 1911 onwards

Other ABS historical data  available online Access: Online Publications

Index to all Australian Bureau of Statistics Historical data Access: ABS Historical Publication Index 1907-1993 (Index to print and online publications)

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Microfiche Collections in Fisher Library

Microfiche collections in Fisher Library

Australian Bureau of Statistics. Colonial Microfiche collection 1804-1901 Held: Fisher Microform Level 3, 319.4 70
Microfiche reproduction of the publications and statistical compilations produced by Australia's six colonial statistical bureaus. Contents are  listed and indexed in: Catalogue of Australian statistical publications, 1804-1901 (shelved with collection)

Australian Bureau of Statistics. Historical microfiche series [microform]: statistical publications since Federation 1901/1984-1993
The Historical microfiche series contains publications released by the Central Office of the Australian Bureau of Statistics since 1901 and publications issued by the State offices since 1984. 
Held: Fisher Closed compactus  319.4 68

Index to the historical microfiche series : statistical publications since Federation  Held:  Fisher Microform  319.4 68 

National Statistical reports: Pacific 
ncludes Blue Books N.S.W. 1822-1894 ; Blue Books Van Diemen's Land 1822-1847 ; Blue Books New Zealand 1840-1898. Held: Storage 319 1 3 boxes

Published Guides to Australian Historical Statistics

Published Guides & Source Books

Official Yearbook of the Commonwealth of Australia. Melbourne No. 1, 1908 Introduction pp.1-16  includes a summary of the origin of state statistics in Australia [ Access via the Australian Bureau of Statistics website]

Butlin, N. G., Colonial statistics before 1850 Canberra: Australian National University, 1986.  Fisher Research   994.020212 1 

Hagger, A. J.  A guide to Australian economic and social statistics Sydney : Pergamon Press, 1983. Fisher Ref   016.3194

Finlayson, J.A.S,  Historical statistics of Australia : a select list of official sources Canberra : Dept. of Economic History, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, 1970.  Fisher Research   319.4016 2 A   

Foster, R.A., Australian economic statistics 1949-50 to 1994-95 Sydney: Reserve Bank of Australia, 1996.  Fisher Research   330.994 339 

Forster, C.  Australian official statistics 1788-1855 Canberra: Australian National University, 1985.  Fisher Research   319.4 69  

Kippen, R. Sources for Australian Historical Demography.Working Papers in Demography. No. 93 Demography and Sociology Program. Research School of Social Sciences. 2004 Australian National University.[Available online]

Miller, A. E., Checklist of nineteenth century Australian colonial statistical sources : censuses, blue books and statistical registers Kensington, N.S.W. : History Project Inc. 1983  Fisher Ref 016.3194 2

Mukherjee, S.K,  Source book of Australian criminal & social statistics, 1804-1988 Canberra : Australian Institute of Criminology, 1989  Law Ref   319.4 60 A 

Holmes, James Macdonald, 1896-1966.  An atlas of population and production for New South Wales Sydney : Angus & Robertson, 1932  Fisher Research 319.44 1