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Accessing publications and data available from the ABS website

How can I locate the statistical information I am interested in on the ABS website?

There several ways in which you can locate data and papers on the ABS website:

Use the Search box on the ABS homepage to locate data or papers on your topic.

Browse statistics - publications and data are organised within broad subject categories which allow you to quickly locate recent releases, information on using data within the category.

Papers and articles includes publications which analyse or discuss statistical data. This collection also also include papers which analyse historical trends in statistics in a range of research areas.

The Statistics option allows to search or browse for data by ABS Catalogue number; Release date, topic or title. 

How do I download/view a publication on the ABS website?

The display page for each ABS publication includes a download tab. This allows you to download a publication in a range of formats including excel, pdf, potable network graphic (.png), and SuperTable (.srd) formats. In some cases you can download the data or just the table of data you are interested in.

ABS provides FAQs for downloading and SuperTable.

I am not sure  what methods have been used to collate ABS data, where can I find this information?

Each ABS publication will usually include a tab for Explanatory notes (2). These note will of explain statistical issues that relate to a specific publication. The ABS website also includes a section on Methods and Standards (1).

Can I access all ABS data via the ABS website?

Most Australian Bureau of Bureau of Statistical data is freely available via the ABS website. The display for each publications will include a Past & Future Releases tab. This tab provides will list the earliest and the most recent data release for a specific publication. Some data is classified as Confidentialised Unit Record Files (Curf), special application is required for this data.

Can I only obtain recent data from the ABS website?

Most Australian Bureau of Statistics publications published since 1993 are freely available via the ABS website. Some historical material has been digitised and is also available on the ABS Website for e.g. yearbooks (see box on right).

I am looking for ABS data published prior to 1993 and I cannot find it online?

The University Library holds the Australian Bureau of Statistics Historical microfiche series statistical publications since Federation covering the years 1901-1993. This collection contains publications released by the central office of the ABS between 1901 and 1993 and publications issued by the State offices between 1985 and 1993. Publications in the collection are organised by ABS catalogue number. Use the Index to the historical microfiche series : statistical publications since Federation (1901-1993) to locate publications by topic and find the catalogue number for specific publications.

The microfiche is located on Level 1 in the Fisher Closed Compactus at 319.4 68 The Index is shelved with the collection. There is also an Historical publications index on the ABS Website.

ABS Geography

Geography Portal on the ABS Website Did you know that the most common locality name in Australia is Springfield? Find out this and more about ABS statistical geography via this new section of the ABS website!

Australian Statistical Geography Standard Informtion about ASGS the statistical geography that  replaced the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) in July 2011 and used in for the first time in the 2011 census is available from the ABS website.

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