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Education & Curriculum Studies: Educational Psychology

Searching the Library Catalogue

Books and other resources on your topic can be found by searching your keywords of phrases in the Library Catalogue.

Start with a keyword search, look at the subject field of the catalogue record for links to more books on the topic. If the book you want is not held or is on loan try Bonus+ (see quick links box to the right for more information about Bonus+). 

Find more books on your topic from Libraries around Australia by searching Libraries Australia.

Streaming Video Platforms and DVDs in your Library

Search the Catalogue for DVDs on:

Educational Psychology

Child/Youth Psychology

School Counselling

Learning Disabilities or Autism

Do you need assistance searching the library Catalogue, PsycInfo Database or accessing video streaming databases?

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Psychological and Educational Tests & Testing

The American Psychology Association has an informative Guide to Finding Information about Psychological Tests.

Use Test in Print IX (currently on order for Fisher Library, in the meantime use Tests in Print VIII)  to find a test on a particular topic or by title, it can be used in combination in combination with PsycTESTS and Mental Measurements Yearbook, these databases will give you more information/reviews on particular tests.

The testing instruments themselves are available from the test publisher. Individuals may need to complete a test purchaser qualification form to prove they are competent to administer and interpret the test. Most test publishers are overseas, Australia's major test publisher is ACER.

Some tests are appended to academic journal articles, thus more accessible;  for a list of these consult the Directory of Unpublished Experimental Tests and Measures.

There are two Test Libraries on the Camperdown Campus at the University of Sydney, one is in the Sydney School of Education & Social Work and is primarily for the use of the Counselling Psychology students, the other is the Test Library in the School of Psychology and used by the clinical psychology higher degree students.

There are books and other items in Fisher Library on the topic of psychological tests and assessment. Try a keyword search in the Library Catalogue and browse the results, alternatively use the links below to access resources.

Psychological Tests

Educational tests and measurement