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Education & Curriculum Studies: EDGU1002 Creativity Youth Culture & Arts

Resource Guide for EDGU1002

Resource Guide for EDGU1002

Designed for students in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work's EDGU1002- Creativity, Youth Culture and the Arts

This guide brings together resources that support research in areas relating  to youth, creativity, the arts and digital culture. This guide also includes links to web resources and tools that support the creation of digital stories.

Research strategies

Think about and analyse terms, subjects and ideas that will help you locate additional texts and critical material on your topic for your assessment tasks. For example: digital culture and social change,  social media and identity, learning & collaboration online, mobile learning, media, mediums and copyright, digital culture in schools 

The Fisher Curriculum collection includes books relevant to research on children, youth and the digital environment, to search the Curriculum collection, use the Library advanced search and try a keyword search on recently published material using the keyword digital and add a Limit to Location: Fisher Curriculum

Try the Library Search box on the home page to find articles and books that critically analyse or discuss your topic.

Learn more about research by using the University of Sydney Library's online training modules.

Your Contact in Fisher Library

Digital Storytelling

Browse the Library collection by subject or topic

You can also search and browse the Library catalogue or Search box on the library homepage using subject headings or keywords to locate resources on your research topic.

Use the Catalogue modify or advanced search options to narrow your search by date or by collection.

Alternatively, use the Catalogue's advanced search to combine a number of different concepts in your search and to limit by location, date, relevance.

Click on the following useful links to the catalogue to find relevant Fisher Library books in both print and electronic format:


Creative ability

Creative teaching

Creative ability in children

Keyword search:  Creativity

Keyword search:  Digital creativity

Arts Education

Arts and Youth

Arts Study and Teaching

Drama in Education

Performing arts  -- study and teaching

Visual Education

Keyword search: Arts education digital

Digital culture and media

Digital media - social aspects

Internet in Education

Social media

Keyword search: 21st century education

Keyword search: Digital media youth culture

Games, mobile media learning

Video games

Media literacy

Keyword search: mobile media learning

Keyword search: games and gaming

participatory culture

Keyword search: Participatory culture


Combine the audio visual resources of your personal archives (photographs, video footage, text, music and sound) to produce a 3-4 minute personal story and narrate it.

Sources for Images, Graphics and Sound

Finding articles using Library databases

These databases are brought to you by the University of Sydney Library.

The following databases index journal articles, book chapters, book reviews, government reports and dissertations in Education and related disciplines.

 We also have a more complete listing of Education Databases.

TED clips on digital culture storytelling classroom

Books in your Library

The Fisher Library collections include many books and ebooks relevent the research areas creativity, youth and digital cultures - see the following titles in the collection.