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Social Work : Legal Information

Videos on How Laws are Made (from the State Library of NSW)

Understanding Australian Law

These resources may help you understand legal processes in Australia and find Legal Material.

 Catriona Cook et al, Laying down the Law 9th Ed, Sydney: Butterworths. 2015 and the Glossary from this title.

 AGLC Australian Guide to Legal Citation 3rd Edition Melbourne University Law review Inc., 2010

Austalian Parliament. House of Representatives. Making Laws.  Infosheet No. 7 

Parliament of New South Wales. Making the law 

Bott, B et. al  (2015) Nemes and Coss’ Effective Legal Research. 6th ed. Sydney: Butterworths.

Stuhmcke, A. (2012) Legal Referencing .4th ed. Sydney: Butterworths.

Watt, Robert. Concise legal research 6th Ed, Annandale, N.S.W.: Federation Press, 2009

Legal Information in Social Work research

Legislation relates to many areas of Social Work and policy practice. Landmarks and significant changes in the policy environment are often reflected in new or revised legislation; a new or amended act may have great significance for a policy area and the impact it has on a group of people.  Case law may also result in or influence changes in policy. The legal encyclopedias in the box below will help you locate significant legislation and cases.  

Legal Encyclopedias & Legal Abbreviations

Books on Social Work and the Law

Fisher Research, Fisher 2 Hour Loan and the Law Library: these collections have relevant and current titles (including eBooks) on social work and the law in the Australian and international context. The following links to searches show  a sample of what is available.

Social Work and Law

Social workers -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- Australia.

Public welfare -- Law and legislation -- Australia.

Legal issues - websites

The following websites are useful  for locating discussion of legal issues that may be relevant to social work practice.

Comprehensive legal research services

This is a a list of selected legal research services that will help you locate legislation, cases, legal commentary and  journal articles on the law.