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Social Work : Honours & Higher Degree Research

Document Delivery

The library offers Document Delivery services which means we can supply items not held in our library collections. This services is available to to currently enrolled honours, masters, postgraduates as well as higher degree research students.

Your Research Strategy

Use this template to assist you in brainstorming your topic, identifying key words and subjects to search Catalogues and Databases.

Fill in a separate checklist for different topic areas of your literature review.

The Literature Review

Search under the following subject headings in the Library Catalogue for more titles:

Social Sciences--Research--Methodology


The Learning Centre's How do I write a literature review? 

and...More information on Literature Reviews

Keep up to Date with Research Literature

Database alerting features allow you to keep up to date with the literature.

Receive monthly or weekly alerts of new articles on your topic in your email box.

The following databases have free alerting features, you can set up alerts on keywords and concepts, authors or journal titles.

IMPACT: Find out how many times an article has been cited?

Blogs, Social Media, News Sites

Do a free workshop to assist you with your studies

Featured books from the library catalogue

Use EndNote to cite while you write

Endnote is a personal software program used for managing citations and bibliographies. EndNote helps researchers organise references, which can then be used to format citations and create bibliographies automatically in word.

Endnote is freely available for University of Sydney staff and students. Download Endnote from The University of Sydney Library's Endnote guide. The  guide also provides access to online learning resources, tips for using Endnote with word and databases aswell as troubleshooting information.

Research Methodologies

Finding Theses and Preparing your Thesis

Videos from our Youtube Channel