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Pharmacy: Referencing Pharmacy Resources

This guide has been written to help you with your study and research in pharmacy.

Referencing Online Drug Information

One way to reference MIMS, AMH, eTG, AccessPharamcy or Nursing Consult, is to treat it like an electronic reference resource.

The reference will have the following elements:


If the reference topic has no author, use the topic as the first element in the reference. Author information may be listed on the first page of the entry or under a section called 'Contributors' (or similar).


Include the year of the last update in brackets. If there is no update year listed, use the copyright year. This information may be included at the top or bottom of the screen.


Include the word 'In' followed by the title of the resource in italics (e.g. MIMS Online, etc).

Retrieved from

Include the basic access URL after "Retrieved from". No access date is required for electronic reference entries.



In-text reference 

In the body of your text you would reference the citation as (Title of webpage, year of last update).

For example:

... children under the age of three should be given a reduced dose (Panadol, 2009). 


Reference list

A page on Panadol from MIMS would look like this:

Panadol. (2009). In MIMS Online. Retrieved from


The same example from AMH would look like this:

Panadol. (2009). In Australian Medicines Handbook. Retrieved from